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Kyle Miller

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The Long Goodbye [Feb. 19th, 2015|11:23 pm]
Kyle Miller
[Current Location |United States, Oregon, Portland]
[Inner Turmoil Status |annoyedannoyed]

It took me nine years to get back into college. Nine years of not putting myself first in anything. Eight of those years wasted as a whole. The last three years has been spent on almost nothing but school and rebuilding myself. At First this whole school thing was fun. I was excited to be learning and to be back on track with my life. Now I'm just ready for this phase to be over with. It has become a fucking chore just to go to class. I have been doing good. I'm on top of my work and I get good enough to great grades, but my heart just isn't in this anymore. I need a real pay check and a nine to five that doesn't follow me around afterwards. So here I am drinking one quart of Lagunitas and watching The Long Goodbye, the worst adaptation of a good detective novel I have seen so far. I have several more books to read over the next two weeks, but I am ahead for the time being. Guess that will just have to be good enough.
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And the beat goes on [Feb. 18th, 2015|11:06 pm]
Kyle Miller
[Inner Turmoil Status |Angst]

Two days shy of eight years since I posted anything on here. It is an interesting irony that I find my self on here again after so long with a similar feeling of angst that I had back then. I have long since come to identify the cause of said angst, but am as yet at a lose to prevent it. So much has changed in my life since 2007 and yet nothing really has. I have made great strides into the land of adulthood, but I remain ever the lost boy. Well here I am, and here I suppose I shall once again vomit my useless thoughts onto the internet. You know, for the government.
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Vomit [Feb. 20th, 2007|01:16 pm]
Kyle Miller
were sick
it sucks
i'm really bad about keeping this thing up to date
so there you go.
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WOOOO aw fuck [Dec. 16th, 2006|02:45 am]
Kyle Miller
well i learned one thing today.

That I'll make more on unemployment than i did actually earning the money.

kinda sad huh. still need to clean this damn house but.... Kelly wont let me just burn everything so its kinda hard to get anything done.

well now all i have to do is get a good job and i'll be set.

I hope
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Repeadative nothing [Nov. 18th, 2006|03:02 am]
Kyle Miller
Man I REALLY need to clean this damn house. Fuckin mess. Lord Knows Kelly doesnt have the time to do it. But do I get my lazy ass up and do it when I et home? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO ><

fuck it I dont work tomorrow so Im hitting the house work WOOT WOOT. those Rose bushes wont know what hit them MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA............
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Fuck Utah [Sep. 27th, 2006|05:52 pm]
Kyle Miller

Can I like not work anymore? PLEASE??!!!

I just wish I had enough to live without HAVING to work.

200 million should do it.....
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Wireless if nicerest [Sep. 18th, 2006|07:23 pm]
Kyle Miller
[Inner Turmoil Status |happyhappy]

So I got a wireless card for my lap top today. Very happy with it cause now I can go anywhere in the house and still access the internet.

started cleaning my room(had to to make room for my desk in here >< ) and I am about a third of the way thru everything. Taking time to do things that need to be done. LIke updating my journals. So yeah I'm actually being productive for a change YEAH!!!!!!
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wow my head hurts [Sep. 17th, 2006|08:46 pm]
Kyle Miller
[Inner Turmoil Status |anxiousanxious]

so I've got a killer head ach of doom now. real mild but the pressure just wont let up and its been hours since it started outta nowhere.

So I've decided that I need to take a short break from Final Fantasy and get the house straightened up, alot.

So I work in the morning and then when I get home Im hitting the chores list and getting as much as possible done. Then I'll repeat the process until I'm happy with the way the hosue is.

altho I do have to feed my chocobo everyday. (FFXI dont even bother asking)

short but sweet but its a good start right? Right.

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LIVEJOURNAL FOREVER.......but...... [Sep. 16th, 2006|08:08 pm]
Kyle Miller
I know I know, but I did it to follow a band I like two years ago, then forgot about it.
Seeing as some people I know have myspaces accounts too here is mine.


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(no subject) [Sep. 12th, 2006|11:56 pm]
Kyle Miller
so I clear some of my friends list out, gettig a bit dusty in there.
can flip figure out how to get rid of communities. ><


cause I miss you all
lotsez lol

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